Tax Planning

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Tax Planning
More than filling out 1040 forms, our proactive tax planning finds more tax deductible items, creates tax-advantaged situations and teaches you how to reduce taxes for greater savings in future years.

Our comprehensive Tax Planning process includes:

Creating Donor-Advised Funds for Appreciated Securities. Donor-advised funds provide a simple way for investors to get immediate tax deductions and avoid capital gains tax liability on appreciated assets. We'll work with you to help set up donor-advised fund in Your Family Name and then you decide where and when to make gifts to your charities.

Gifting Strategies for Tax-Free Giving.Our clients use family gifting strategies to remove assets from their taxable estates. These strategies help reduce future estate taxes, and benefit your family members immediately.

Planning Strategies to Reduce Inter-Generational Taxes. A combination of federal and state taxes can significantly reduce the assets your heirs receive. Strategic estate planning is critical to maximizing the share that future generations will enjoy.

Tax efficiency in portfolios. We actively tax manage throughout the year taking losses to offset gains where possible. We are also keenly aware of the thresholds and brackets that kick in higher capital gain and income tax rates. We work to limit taxes in all of our portfolio decisions.

Investing in College Saving Plans. With tuition inflation averaging >5% a year, you cannot afford to subject your education savings to unnecessary taxes. The right college savings plan can help ensure that you save effectively and efficiently, and gives you a state tax deduction.

We refer our clients to a trusted group of CPAs and estate planning attorneys, and work with those professionals to help ensure that your legacy proceeds according to your wishes, and in an organized and tax-efficient manner.

We Can assist with

  • Trusts and Trust accounts
  • Account beneficiaries
  • Joint accounts
  • Beneficiary accounts
  • Transfer on death designation
  • Gifting assets
  • College Planning

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